Hsieh custom term papers was not necessarily the first landscape poet. Paper Sources - Plagiarism - Instructional Services - UW Madison ... Chang Hsieh is often viewed as Hsieh Ling-yün's forerunner in this subgenre. Like Hsieh Ling-yün, Chang employed parallelism and detailed description, and he, too, linked external scenes with his inner thoughts. But Chang's descriptions of landscapes are generally limited to mountains, whereas the southerner Hsieh was more expansive. Hsieh liked mountains and was drawn to high ground. But Hsieh carried landscape poetry to new heights by his addition of watery scenes. Parallelism, extremely important in his works, is often constructed around alternating images of mountains and water as he passes through a landscape. For example, in “Yu Nan-shan wang Pei-shan ching hu chung chan-t'iao” (Gazing About as I Cross the Lake from South Mountain to North Mountain), he writes: “I look down and see tips of the tall trees, / I look up and hear rapids in a deep ravine.” Hsieh's poems also contain allusions, personification, and evidence of sensitivity to tonal values in prosody.

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