Blue Mud

Above Online Course Information - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is the high bough where six dragons reversed the sun's course; Below, a backflow of waters where crashing waves swirl and recoil. online term paper Even the flight of the yellow crane cannot push on beyond this place; Long-armed monkeys who wish to cross over fear to swing up here. Twisted so and tortuous is the Blue Mud Pass— Nine turnings for every hundred paces to wind round the rugged crest. Grab onto Triaster! Pass through the Well! Look up and gasp in alarm! Hold your hand against your panting chest—sit down, catch your breath. I ask you, sir, as you travel west, when is it you'll come back? I dread the craggy steeps of the route, impossible to scale. There you'll see only disheartened birds, calling in age-old trees; The male takes wing, trailing his mate, circling amid the grove. And too, you'll hear the cuckoo's crying— In moonlight, sorrowing in empty hills. The hardships of the way to Shu— much harder than climbing the blue sky. It will waste the ruddy features of all who hear of it!

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