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Shen professional resumes Yüeh served under the Sung, Ch'i, and Liang dynasties, a remarkable feat of survival, and was the leading intellectual of his time. Build a Professional Resume He was responsible for Sung shu (History of the [Liu] Sung Dynasty), generally regarded as one of the better dynastic histories—and one that is very important for the history of yüeh-fu. A man with lifelong Taoist beliefs, Shen converted to Buddhism as an adult and often expressed guilt over his excesses, including sexual encounters with both men and women. He wrote some love poems, including “Liu yi shih” (Six Recollections), a poem of four mildly erotic reminiscences about a lover that clearly augurs the impending popularity of Palace-Style Poetry, a subgenre more immediately associated with the court of the Liang heir apparent Hsiao Kang. One of the best of the Yung-ming poets was Hsieh T'iao, who was highly admired in T'ang times. Hsieh was a member of the same family as Hsieh Lingyün, and so is sometimes referred to as Little Hsieh (Hsiao Hsieh). He served as a commandery administrator, but after a time he was transferred back to the capital, where he was eventually implicated in a plot and executed.

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