Predicting Essay Questions

Predicting Essay Questions. Anticipating or predicting possible essay questions and preparing an outline for each question is an excellent way to prepare for an essay exam. In order to predict essay questions, you should be aware that ideas are often presented in one of four basic types of organization:1) Listing, 2) Sequence of Events, 3) Compare/Contrast, and 4) Personal Interpretation. While the questions you find on your exams may vary according to the exact directional words used, these four basic types of organization should be sufficient for your predictions and practice answers. You can also order essay to avoid all writing problems. Listing Questions.On an essay exam, you may be asked to write about a list of important items. It is therefore important to memorize the items and to be prepared to use these items in a number of ways, depending upon the specific directional word used in the question. Directional words often used to test your knowledge of ideas organized into lists include: list - enumerate - describe - discuss - define

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