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Instructions for Authors of Accepted Papers. Accepted papers must be approved by the copy editor prior to publication. Authors can expedite the process by ensuring that their final manuscript conforms to the official Elsevier style guidelines. Failure to follow the style guidelines may delay publication of your paper. The journal will pay for one full round of copy editing. Additional rounds are at the authors' expense. Copy Editing All accepted papers should be resubmitted to the electronic submission system. Accepted manuscripts are then forwarded to the copy editor. The copy editor checks for stylistic, and grammatical errors. While copy editors are experts in English and the preparation of manuscripts, they are not financial economists. It is thus possible that unusual, but proper, notation or word usage will be inadvertently flagged for correction. Should this happen please send a polite note to the copy editor explaining your usage. Any questions regarding the copy editor's instructions should be emailed to Harriet Bergmann. Once the manuscript's authors have made the changes requested by the copy editor, the paper editing should be resubmitted to the electronic submission system. Typically, the copy editor will then approve the manuscript and inform the managing editor. However, if the manuscript still contains grammatical or stylistic errors, the copy editor will again mark up paper and ask for the needed revisions. This second and all subsequent rounds of copy editing will be at the authors' expense.

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